Tahitian Blue Skin Care Starter Set


Pamper yourself today with this starter product set specifically formulated for all skin types with essential products luxuriously formulated for a beautifully successful skin care regimen that will bring out the best in your skin.  

With tremendous value in mind, taking advantage of our starter set for only $79 will allow you to build upon these products creating your own personal skin care routine you have secretly desired.  Don't miss out on this results driven skin care routine that combines best selling products that ultimately define luxurious anti-aging skin care for any age.

Perfect product pairing our this kit on-sale now for $79 includes:

*6.8 oz. Super C Cleanser

*6.8 oz. Hydrating Peptide Toner

*8 oz. Natural Cleanser and Scrub~Paraben and Sulfate free

*1 oz. Emu Serum with dropper

Enjoy the value of our Tahitian Blue starter skincare set.  Get the look you desire with this fantastic value at $79.00.  A true value for those who are just discovering the luxurious world of Tahitian Blue skincare products. We have you in mind.  Welcome to Tahitian Blue.  We are glad you are here. 

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