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Mediterranean Oil Oil Cleanser 

Tahitian Blue Eye and Throat Cremes

What People Say About Our Products

Tahitian Blue is my “go to” for skin care.  After trying many different skin care lines that promised results Tahitian Blue delivered.  I even got my husband to use a few products!!! 

- Ashley, CA

I love the Super C cleanser and the Hawaiian Marine Moisturizer.  As soon as I started using the products, I received compliments on how good I was looking.  I’m anxious to try the other products very soon.

- Janet, CA

I’ve been using Tahitian Blue products for over three years now and love the cleansers and especially the eye crème. The Hawaiian Marine Moisturizer is my most favorite.  These three products are my perfect product regime.

- Gayle, CA

I have been faithfully using Tahitian Blue skin care products for over three years now because of my ongoing acne condition.  The Tahitian Blue products are the only products I’ve used for a long time since they have controlled my acne but help eliminate any acne scarring that has built up over the years.  No other products have been able to do this. Thanks Tahitian Blue.

- Melynda, CA.

Seeing Yvonne for my facials and skin care.  My skin has changed a lot for me, for the better.  I have received numerous compliments on my skin, the glow that I now have, overall a super relaxing spa experience.  The foot and scalp massage are wonderful too. I’ve also had the back facial treatment and it is a must…truly a one of a kind service too.   I look forward to my once a month spa visit.

-  Monica, CA

Thanks for the fabulous products I use from Tahitian Blue.  My dermatologist was so happy with the way my face healed after my shingles episode.

Then I had to wait 2 months after the shingles healed to start the chemo cream treatment with the cancer spot on my cheek. Wow it healed Beautifully!!!!! Dermatologist was impressed with my cheek healing so fast.

I love the personalized skin care routine you have me on.  It has made my skin care recovery so easy with no post conditional scarring!!!  I can’t believe it!!!! So, so happy, thanks for everything 💖

- Suzi, Washington

I accidentally picked up my curling iron by the hot iron end!!  Threw it down immediately after feeling the burn on 4 out of my 5 fingers!!  Quickly put my hand under cool water even though the pain was taking my breath away and blisters started puffing up immediately.  After about 30 minutes I thought about my mother in law using Emu oil successfully for her radiation burns suggested by her oncologist nurse and started applying the emu serum and kept rubbing it in.  It relieved the pain within hours and the blisters receded. Within a few days my fingers are perfect!! They have a little bit of a different texture to them a little numb but otherwise PERFECT. Amazing that emu serum could heal so quickly. I can see why my mother in law values her emu serum so much.  Fantastic healing properties for sure. We love our emu serum.  

- Suzie, Northern California




Yvonne Henderson, LE & CMT
Tahitian Blue, CEO

Yvonne Henderson
Yvonne Henderson,Owner/Proprietor Tahitian Blue