What to do for acne prone skin?

As an esthetician I see lots of different skin conditions.  Acne is the one condition my clients truly struggle with the most.  I don't have to tell you if you have some degree of acne, trying to cure or control it is like trying to catch mercury. 

A large majority of people suffer from acne due to different types of acne.  Some people are more prone to it then others.  Some have that pesky hormonal acne or acne only in the "T Zone area."  Some struggle continuously with large pores and blackheads.  For some cystic acne is their nemesis. Any acne condition is no fun!  Not to mention the psychological impact acne plays in your self esteem.  First question I get asked by my acne clients, What can I do about it?

My best advice, ditch the over the counter acne products.  They will do you no favors and often do more harm then good.  Why?  Several reasons.  First, they are full of icky ingredients like, fake fillers, harmful preservatives, often carcinogens. Most of these products are formulated to dry your skin out and keep it dry.  This is the big problem.

The more your skin dries out the more your brain receives the message your skin is dry.  In an attempt to make you happy your brain will tell your system to make more oil.  Tricky stuff.  Here is where I always say, controlling acne is like trying to catch Mercury.  So now your making more oil, creating more breakouts and your brain is still sending the message to make more oil.  It's a never ending cycle for so many.  In simple terms, It's a definite balance of your skin.  Once you know that, the rest is easy.  Or at least controlled to your satisfaction and you feel good about yourself again.

The good news is it can be done.  Controlling acne although a little challenging can be done quickly and painlessly.  My clients all have great results with minor Glycolic, Salicylic and Citric Acids in their products. I only recommend those products for spot treating acne breakouts.  Not all over the skin usage as it can inflame the rest of your skin.  I usually recommend a kinder cleanser such as our Super C cleanser and our Pumpkin cleanser, paired with our Ginseng toner to normalize the skins PH level.  The true key to my clients success is our Tahitian Blue fully refined Emu Serum to hydrate the skin. These three products are the key to your skin care success.  More products are not better and will often overload your system and make matters worse.  Often times, less is more when it comes to controlling acne.

Emu serum is one of the best products you can use to control acne.  Even though Emu serum is Emu oil with Vitamin E, oil attracts oil so it helps draw out and open up the sebaceous glands while the anti-inflammatory properties of Emu serum calm the skin right back down to normal.  The Omega 3, 6, and 9 that naturally occurs in Emu oil help to keep the skin hydrated from some of the aggressive acne controlling acids and work in tandem with them to keep a long lasting moisture barrier to the skin.  This is the critical key.  Keeping the skin balanced so that the oil glands don't over produce oil and the skin maintains a healthy PH level. Thus controlling acne and reducing if not eliminating breakouts.  Even cystic acne breakouts are drastically reduced from usage of Emu Serum. 

The other beautiful part to this skin care regime is that you can use Emu serum as often as you like without stressing out your skin. The more often you apply it the happier your skin will be.  In fact, after every cleansing you should use toner then Emu Serum and a sunscreen with Zinc Oxide and pro-vitamins that help heal your skin.  Our Tahitian Blue Advanced Sunscreen with SPF30 is a perfect fit for acne conditions.  Feel free to browse our acne products on our website at www.tahitianblue.com or email me for complimentary advice on acne care.  Let's get your acne under control today. 

Yvonne Henderson, CMT & CLE

Founder, Tahitian Blue