How do I winterize my skin and avoid dryness?

Winter is harsh on everyone's skin.  Dryness is a common symptom of the skin and can leave you feeling itchy and uncomfortable.  If you are prone to dry skin naturally winter can make it miserable.  As a licensed esthetician and founder of Tahitian Blue, I have formulated our skincare products to be very hydrating to the skin.  Although our clients have found success re-hydrating their skin with our products, I have found the best way to bring moisture back into your skin is with our Tahitian Blue fully refined Grade A Emu serum.  Extreme dryness is no laughing matter.  If you already have a preexisting health condition that creates chronic dryness to your skin then you especially need to winterize your skin creating a long-lasting moisture barrier.  This long-lasting moisture barrier can only be created by bringing high doses of Omega 3, 6 and 9 onto your skin.  The only product on the market today that has this uniqueness of Omegas is our Emu Serum.  It provides super hydration to the skin for long-lasting moisture barrier that is non-comedogenic.  So it will not clog your pores. (Great for controlling acne too.)

The best attribute of Emu serum is that it has no contraindications so any skin type can benefit from it.  It is a wonderful moisturizer that is pure and contains no parabens or sulfates.  Our Emu Serum has but only two ingredients, Emu oil and Vitamin E.  It helps aid the skin in rapid cell recovery from any current skin condition you may have.  From Psoriasis, Eczema, post wound care, burns from radiology, wind or sun, Emu can expedite the skin's natural healing process and reduces scarring. It is especially beneficial to my oncology patients.  

You will not only love our Emu Serum in the winter but the summer as well!!  Especially if you are exposed to the sun. 

I have personally been using Emu Serum for almost twenty years now and love it. My clients love it also.  It is by far one of my best selling products because of its super hydration and anti-aging effects. It's especially wonderful post hair removal, shaving(especially men)and softens feet and elbows.  It's a fantastic all-over moisturizer that can be added to your favorite moisturizer or as a stand-alone moisturizer.  

Cleansing dry skin is important knowing what hydration levels you are receiving from your cleanser.  Our Tahitian Blue Mediterranean Olive Oil cleanser helps assist the skin in retaining its moisture barrier and is gentle enough to use as an eye makeup remover.  This cleanser is especially effective for mature skin, dry skin, environmentally damaged skin and for smokers.  It hydrates immediately and pulls out impurities that have naturally aged your skin.  

Our Super C cleanser is formulated to re-hydrate and balance the skin with anti-oxidants and healing pro vitamins.  Excellent for dry skin, anti-aging purposes and acne clients this cleanser will leave your skin feeling soft and well hydrated.  The aroma of orange blossoms is an added bonus every time.

All of our Tahitian Blue's cremes, moisturizers, and Tropical Body Butters are instantly healing and hydrating to the skin.  They are specifically formulated to strengthen the skin's cellular structure and helps combat the aging process. Feel free to browse our highly sought after anti-aging products at our website at  Your skin will love you for it!!

Yvonne Henderson, CMT & CLE

Founder, Tahitian Blue