How do I reverse age spots and sun damage, aka, hyper-pigmentation

As an esthetician the subject of how to reverse hyperpigmentation always comes up.  The removal of age spots and sun damage is highly sought after at any age but especially anti-aging skin care seekers.  Hyperpigmentation tends to come on quickly and one day it is just there on your skin.  Making you look older than what you really are.  It's a bother to so many women and men who are looking to reverse the damage and regain a healthy glow to their skin.  My clients best success to the reversal of hyperpigmentation is Vitamin C in combination with Vitamin A. 

Glycolics are a popular solution but are often times far to harsh for most people and their skin gets to dry.  Dryness is a leading cause of fine lines and wrinkles.  Therefore, its not a practical route to take if your trying to fight off the aging process.  Glycolics are encouraging your skin to age unless you know how to maintain your skins proper moisture levels.  It's a tricky one and most people fall short.  Don't take chances with increasing fine lines and wrinkles.  Instead, do your skin a favor and anti-age it with botanically based products that give your skin immediate youthful looking results while fading away those pesky brown spots.

Our Tahitian Blue cleansers have wonderful anti-aging benefits and help reverse hyperpigmentation.  Vitamin C is one of the best weapons against hyperpigmentation and will help the skin rebuild with fresh new cells fading out the damage left by the sun.  Those brown spots are no match for a regimen of Vitamin C cleanser and Vitamin C serum.  These two products paired together deliver a power punch of anti-oxidants that assist the skin in reversing hyperpigmentation and creating an immediate healthy glow.  Vitamin C also helps in the reduction of scarring and helps to control acne very well.  Our Super C Cleanser and Super C serum is formulated with not only triple dose of Vitamin C but pro-vitamins that help heal and strengthen the skins cellular structure.

Our Pumpkin Cleanser with Vitamin A is also perfect for rapid elimination of sun damage to the skin.  My clients alternate the usage of Pumpkin Vitamin A cleanser and the Super C cleanser to expedite the removal of hyperpigmentation and naturally rebalance the skin for additional anti-aging effects.  You can still use our Super C serum immediately after the Pumpkin Cleanser.  I would suggest moisturizing your skin with one of our fantastic moisturizers and the addition of Emu Serum to maintain a proper moisture barrier.  You will notice some tightness and toning to your skin since these cleansers are immediately effective anti-aging treatments.

Feel free to browse our website at for more anti-aging skin care products, you will be delighted by our product reviews and create your own personal anti-aging skin care regimen that meets all of your skin care needs. Your skin will thank you for it.

Yvonne Henderson, CMT & CLE

Founder, Tahitian Blue