Daisy flower extract vs. hydroquinone

Yvonne Henderson, CMT & CLE

Founder, Tahitian Blue 

Published February 4, 2020

The super power of Daisy flower extract in skin care products continues to trend up and more than ever.  Its in high demand for anti-aging skin care seekers who desire immediate positive results in their skin care products. Due to its multiple powerful anti-aging benefits it has for the skin makes Daisy Flower the perfect anti-aging ingredient at any age.

Daisy flower extract contains L-arbutin, a natural substance that will brighten the skin by naturally blocking the formation of melanin, which, reduces pigmentation.  Yes, Daisy flower extract aggressively helps reverse hyper-pigmentation. It is so powerful that you can't help but recognize it once you have applied it to your skin.  When topically applied it will immediately leave your skin with a radiant healthy glow.

Any skin care product formulated with Daisy flower will brighten your skin immediately.  Because of it natural compounds Daisy extract is a great replacement or alternative to for hydroquinone.  Especially for pregnant or lactating women.

 This proven high demand powerful anti-aging ingredient, Daisy flower powers one of our best selling products at Tahitian Blue.  Our Hawaiian Dual Peptide Serum.  Not only is this particular serum formulated with topical Botox but is also formulated with Daisy flower extract for that all important healthy glow your skin needs to look younger and more radiant.  With the added benefit of collagen building Red Marine Algae making this product a triple dose super power of anti-aging ingredients makes this product one of our best sellers at Tahitian Blue.

Other benefits of the Daisy flower for skin care include flavonoids, a high concentration of antioxidants offering the skin protection against free radicals. Daisy roots and leaves also have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits to pro-actively help assisting the skin in wound healing.  

In California skin care hydroquinone is no longer available for usage.  This was a disadvantage to my clients.  Reversing hyperpigmentation due to age and sun damage can still be accomplished nicely with satisfactory results using Daisy Flower.