Botanical healing for any skin type

Our botanical based anti-aging skin care products have been carefully selected and formulated to address any skin type you may have. Our anti-aging products formulated with rich healthy botanical's  give the additional benefit of providing anti-oxidants.   These power house Pro-vitamins help assist the skin in its healing process that are also proven active ingredients giving the skin immediate results. 

No matter what your skin type need currently is you need a skin care regimen.  Good skin care habits early on create a healthy foundation for your skin. Give your skin the gift of a healthy glow with a skin care regimen that fits your specific skin care needs while staying within your budget. 

By adopting a consistent six-step daily skin care regimen, you will be able to keep your sin looking smother, healthier and more vibrant.  At the same time correcting, diminishing and preventing any aging concerns you may have. 

 Email me to request a free 20 minute with Yvonne.  A licensed esthetician and anti-aging specialist, Founder of Tahitian Blue, for your own customized anti-aging skin care routine. Look and feel your best starting today!!!!  Your skin will thank you for it!

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Yvonne, California licensed esthetician and anti-aging skin care specialist

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